The dynamic growth is determined by the values we follow in relationships with our colleagues, partners and clients.

People are our capital and a common set of values and ethical principles by which further sustainable growth is possible. We believe that to achieve the Company’s long-term objectives, it is necessary to follow ethical principles that form the basis on which the company conducts its business and thus building its image.

Declaration of Values

Responsibility – We want to inspire the confidence of all who work with us, keeping promises, behaving transparently and caring for the economic, social and natural environment. Responsibility for us is also care about the safety of employees, suppliers and customers.

Cooperation and mutual trust – We believe that the best results are achieved through teamwork in collaboration with employees and customers. We make sure that the conditions of cooperation in the company put up on a priority place mutual trust and partnership relations between employees, providing tolerance for diversity of opinion.

Respect – We respect our employees, customers and local communities, and the environment in which we work. We treat it as an obligation to contribute to improving the quality of life and social progress.

Professionalism – We are committed to providing effective and flexible solutions to meet the needs of customers and to build long-term business partnerships in the field of oil exploration. We want to deserve to be called pioneers. We are open to challenges to the market needs both in terms of the search for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons.

Striving for excellence – We spend a lot of energy to the constant improvement of the provided services. We have aspirations to be a leader in the provision of effective geophysical solutions.

Speed – We want to be the first to anticipate the needs of the market as well as quickly and flexibly react to them.