Carrying out environmentally harmless operations

Carrying out environmentally <b>harmless operations</b>

We believe that a healthy environment is essential for the proper functioning of society, our employees, our business activity and constitutes the core of a sustainable and strong economy.

Our efficient environmental system enables GT carrying out seismic projects in a friendly and harmless way for the environment in various conditions, often in environmentally sensitive areas, always in full compliance with legal regulations and environmental restrictions.

In GT, we set specific goals to increase our pro-environmental activity in order to fulfill the declarations of our Environmental Policy. Great significance is attached to:

  • detailed identification of environmental aspects and adequate operational planning
  • close cooperation with local communities and authorities
  • environment friendly technological solutions, such as use of biodegradable oil, possibility of usage of wireless seismic equipment etc.
  • broadening employees’ environmental knowledge and awareness
  • environmentally responsible procedure e.g.: appropriate waste management, optimal journey management ensuring “no foot print left” operations and possibility of environmental monitoring

Wherever possible, in accordance with the idea of responsible business, we aim to connect ecological and pro-environmental activities. This trend includes extending the scope of the GT’s services into specialized geophysical (geo-engineering) services for the purpose of geothermal research and localization of underground storage for natural gas and CO2.