Targeting in zero incidents

Targeting in <b>zero incidents</b>

Prevention of injuries and occupational diseases is the highest priority in the everyday work of GT. Our approach to safety at work is expressed in our goal: striving for zero incidents & occupational diseases.

This goal is achieved with:

  • Continuous hazard identification and risk assessment,
  • In-depth post incident and near miss investigation process and implementation of preventive measures
  • Appropriate HSE planning, e.g. in the scope of employees HSE competencies, work procedures, transport and journey management, inspections and audits, emergency preparedness
  • Conscious and uncompromising implementation of prepared HSE plans

We believe that real leadership and personal example in day-to-day work of senior management, supported by visits in field units, is a key to success to incidents free operations.

Crucial in building safety culture is the involvement of all GT’s employees, enhanced by:

  • Execution of Mission Zero Campaign incl. GT Life Saving Rules
  • Development of HSE awareness through HSE trainings (e.g. BBS) and regular HSE meetings
  • Implementing recent tools of HR and HSE, e.g. incentive programs, positive observations and unsafe acts and conditions reporting system, HSE contests
  • First Aid Program
  • Multidimensional open HSE communication, eg. meetings, safety alerts, posters, informative leaflets etc.

Our basic work rule is; that each employee is responsible for their own and their co-workers safety. STOP Work Policy guarantees each employee, including the subcontractor’s employee, the right to stop work if work conditions cause a direct threat to life or health and/or are not in line with HSE regulations.

GT employees are supported in following safe work practices by a professional team of HSE Advisors having wide experience and qualifications including HSE studies and NEBOSH certificates.