Análisis de lodos

GT offers full range of professional mud logging services focused on the rig-site monitoring and assessment of information that comes to the surface in the mud returns during the drilling process.

Specialized equipment with various sensors provide decision-ready information about well status and dangerous gas levels so appropriate steps can be taken to avoid a dangerous well blowout condition


In the field of Mud Logging GT provides a comprehensive suite

of services, in particular:

  • Gas Ratio Analysis
  • Pressure Analysis (overburden, overpressure)
  • Calcimetry / Dolomimetry Analysis
  • Shale Density Analysis
  • Cuttings, Core Handling & Analysis
  • Hydrocarbon Show analysis
  • Cuttings & Core Collection
  • Geological / Core Assistance, Catching & Packaging


These services are supported by auxiliary engineering

calculations including:

  • Hydraulic Optimization (offline parameters)
  • Pump Output
  • Kick Detection / Kill Well control
  • Stuck Pipe Analysis
  • Max ROP
  • Leak-Off-Test
  • Pressure test
  • Deviation Survey



GT’s Mud Logging unit is a world advanced new explosion-proof unit (Ex control box, Ex axial flow fan, safe hatch, emergency exit, flammable gas detecting unit, H2S detecting unit, fog detecting unit and pressurized detecting unit), which is applicable to onshore, offshore and desert drilling operation areas. The system integrates powerful computer network technique, 30s fast FID chromatographic technique, explosion-proof CAN Bus data transmission technique, highly accurate and reliable sensor technique, analysis and evaluation technique of rock samples and is the center of quick and comprehensive interpretation and evaluation of oil and gas on well-site. The system can discover and evaluate oil and gas reservoirs quickly, monitor drilling engineering parameters and toxic gases such as H2S and CO2, thus ensuring drilling safety, enhancing drilling efficiency and reducing operation cost.