Registro de pozos con tuberías de perforación

The Simphor – drill pipe assisted well logging system, is capable of performing most logging and wireline completion operations and it can be used to:

  • Move logging, completion or production tools attached to the end of the drill string in difficult, highly inclined or horizontal parts of a well
  • Control or transmit information between the downhole tools and the surface via a wet connector/electric transmission cable
  • Circulate drilling fluid in the well during running in, running out or recording
  • Because of its principle, Flow Control Simphor can perform all logging and completion operations, which are regularly done with wireline in vertical or moderated slanted wells and eliminate the risks of “kicks” through drill pipes during the logging operation procedure from “pipe in” to “pipe out”



  • to control the “Kicks” in high pressure wells
  • in difficult wells
  • in highly deviated wells
  • in horizontal wells
  • in hot formations
  • in cased or open hole wells