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Processing and Imaging User Group Meeting
  • 08 May 2014

Processing and Imaging User Group Meeting

At the end of April 2014, two R&D geophysicists from Geofizyka Torun (GT) seismic data processing and imaging team, Aleksander Pielesz and Wojciech Kobusinski, participated in European meeting called “Processing and Imaging User Group Meeting” – the event organized by Paradigm Geophysical. These are yearly conferences dedicated to exchanging ideas and user expectations regarding strategic directions and practice-based specific needs of the software development. The meeting provided also occasion to present recent achievements of participants in application of the software.

Mr Kobusinski, thanks to kind permission of PGNiG, owner of the presented data, delivered a presentation entitled “Unlocking unconventionals with Full Azimuth PreSDM. A case study from Poland”. Discussion following the presentation confirmed GT is among leaders in application of the full azimuth depth imaging in angle domain technology to land seismic data. This method is crucial to shale gas prospection, but makes also significant development in the conventional seismic method. Open discussions at such meetings give opportunity to providing contributions to technological development of the international geophysical and as well as oil and gas exploration community.

More about subjects discussed at the Paradigm software User Group meeting can be found at
The reported meeting is one of numerous conferences where GT presents its innovative solutions to geosciences.