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Exhibition – EAGE 2014 Amsterdam
  • 05 June 2014

Exhibition – EAGE 2014 Amsterdam

Experience the Energy with Geofizyka Toruń (GT) during 76th EAGE Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands held from 16th to 19th June, 2014.

You are most welcome at stand #2140 to meet GT and discuss the utmost geophysical challenges and current needs of exploration geology.

Take a chance and attend in GT geophysics’ technical presentations:

17th June,(start time: 12:00) – Wojciech Kobusiński, “Maximizing Information from Seismic Data with Full-azimuth Depth Migration” at Paradigm stand (#1200)

18th June,(start time: 13:55) – Michał Podolak, “Imaging and Characterization in Onshore Poland using Full Azimuth Seismic Depth Imaging” during Reservoir Characterization Unconventional Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs session at G106.

Looking forward to see you.

The presentations on current needs of exploration geology will be also held on GT stand.