Combined with geological-drilling and geotechnical services, we apply the most modern technology available in the country, including the CRS 170 XL DUO sonic device, the Seabed SVC 500 vibroplate or the Geomil Manta 200 outboard probe.

Owing to the latest solutions in the field of geotechnics being introduced and developed, we are a leading company that carries out survey  for, among other things,  setting out the environmental conditions for the OWF along with the condition for their foundation, as well as  setting out the routes of power cables connecting the OWF with the land.

Our geotechnical services dedicated to offshore wind farm projects include, combined with geological and drilling services, a wide range of innovative solutions, including drilling, probing with an outboard probe, SPT probing in boreholes with drilling, soil sampling for laboratory tests, soil sampling using a vibro-probe and drilling for NNS sampling (mechanical properties tests of soil).