Remote data processing

Exploration continuity is our priority. With our global Cloud and High Performance Computing network, GT’s processing teams are able to effectively switch to working remotely. Even in the view of COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to deliver our data processing projects on time with the highest quality standards, despite adverse conditions and numerous working locations. “Remote ready” services secure the safety of our employees, organizational flexibility and prepare us for unknown disruptive events, as frequently experienced in the oil & gas industry.

Apart from adopting our work organization, we provide clients with remote data processing solutions based on NX technology. The execution or supervising of each processing project can be done fully remotely in a secured GT Cloud in real time. It let you reduce operating expenses and remain in-house while being connected to our processing team community for collaborative problem solving. We are fully ready to lead and assist our clients in their exploration, reservoir characterization and development efforts in remote collaboration mode.

Further, for online B2B meetings and remote supervising we are operating video conferencing Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, MS Teams and others. They allow us to organize multi-participant Voice over IP (VoIP) or telephone conferences with the capability to share documents, presentations, or the whole computer desktops.