Production Logging

Production logging services provide essential information about reservoir conditions enabling effective management of oil and gas assets. GT engineers identify and monitor downhole flow rate and fluid composition, temperatures and pressures to define and improve the performance of producing wells. Production logging helps to understand dynamic well behavior, provide in-depth solutions and significantly reduce exploration and production costs. The production logging services are executed with the use of equipment capable of resisting 20,000 PSI and maximum temperature of 177°C.



Casing Collar Locator

Radioactive Fluid Density

Enhanced Capacitance Water Hold-Up Tool

Caged Fullbore Flowmeter 6 Arm

Continous Flowmeter Spinner

In-line Flowmeter Tool

Jewelled Bearing Continous Flowmeter

Quartz Pressure Single

Production Gamma Ray

Ultralink Downhole Modem

Platinium Resistance Thermometer

Production Dual Caliper X-Y

Head Tension Unit