Our solutions

Thanks to competent field engineers and advanced technological solutions, we deliver efficiently detailed geological information crucial for mapping the reservoir and its associated hydrocarbons. Our team of exploration specialists provides comprehensive analysis, extracting the most out of the acquired borehole data, in order to identify reservoir’s true potential.

The highest safety standards allows us to provide high-quality multi-level perforating services in vertical and horizontal wells. GT offers perforating on wireline and on tubing/drill string (TCP). TCP perforators can be mechanically and pressure activated. GT solutions consider the relationship between gun system, borehole, and reservoir rock to help the customer achieve maximum production.

In order to increase security when perforating on the cable, RF Safe detonators are used to protect against unintentional, premature firing of the explosive charge caused by stray currents, electrostatic or high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

Providing reservoir stimulation services with the use of propellants we improve the operational productivity of the wells.  Further, important element of our activity are intervention works related to pipe recovery operations as well as the evaluation of technical condition of the well after the failure. Our competitive advantage is also a cost-effective method of rig-less well plug and abandonment services.