R&D and Innovations

Some of our recent innovations include Fishing Avoidance Technologies.  On of its examples are Multiconductor Wireline Hydraulic Jars, providing a simple way to help avoid time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in open hole wireline logging operations. They can be triggered at any load above the preset lock load, so maximum force is available for impact. This feature enables full use of new wireline technology, including high-strength cable and solid weak points, and is critical in situations where stuck conditions are severe.

Another recent example is Electrically Releasable Cable Head, which adopts electrical releasing equipment to replace traditional mechanical weak point, its more reliable and safer and can be accurately controlled by engineer. During the logging operation, when the head needs to release from tool string, the operator has to cut off power supply to downhole tools, then power on specific voltage to cable head by surface controller, the downhole circuit works to increase the temperature of fuse switch in the result this process shall result in breaking of such switch. In case the electrical part failure, the equipped mechanical weak point can be broken by cable force as traditional way, therefore, this type cable head provides dual function to release the head from the toolstring.