GT offers Wireline and Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) systems. TCP can be mechanical as well as hydraulic activated. GT solutions consider the relationship between gun system, wellbore, and reservoir to help clients achieve the most production from wells.


EXPENDABLE HOLLOW RETRIEVABLE PERFORATING SYSTEM: Expendable Hollow Retrievable Perforating Systems are designed to be run on Wireline, Tubing and Coiled Tubing operations with a high quality standard. All explosive parts are optimized for the best perforation performance. For highest flexibility, deep penetrating and big hole charges are available.




Retrievable Strip Gun with its encapsulated TTG charges is an ultra high performance semi expendable gun system for through tubing application. The gun provides a more powerful explosive load than equivalent diameter retrievable hollow carrier systems (scallop gun). The carrier strip is recovered after firing with the charge front caps in place, leaving only a small amount of steel chips from the charge cases in the well as debris.


Link Gun with its encapsulated TTG charges permits the advantage of a steel charge combined with a die cast link for debris economy performance. This fully expendable gun finds application in through tubing operations where deep penetration phased perforations and moderate costs are primary considerations. As with all expandable guns, charge debris must be planned for considering the use of this gun.