Fossil fuels provide 80% of the world’s energy demand and are forecasted to remain an important component of the energy mix in the coming decades

They are used in a wide range of applications aside from their use as a source of energy. For example, refined petroleum has been used to produce myriad derivative materials that play critical roles in the global economy, such as plastics, solvents, and lubricants. Hydrocarbons occur naturally throughout the world, originating from plant and animal fossils that have been formed by the forces of temperature and weight over millennia. They are mostly found deep underground, in porous rock formations such as sandstone, limestone and shale.

Seismic surveys are essential for understanding the geology of sedimentary basins and reducing exploration risk. Applying seismic technology to oil and gas exploration help energy companies be more efficient in extracting oil and gas from reservoirs. Seismic and well logging solutions involve innovative methods to get the most out of potential fields and cope with extremes of structure, velocity contrasts and anisotropy while imaging the most challenging hydrocarbons traps.  The example of the cost-effective and tailored solutions are nodal systems that can attain the rigid industry goals where the best available survey’s resolution and accuracy go with timely manner and limited footprint on local communities as well as the natural environment.

No matter if it is exploration or increasing production both seismic and well logging  deliver sophisticated set of geological information crucial for mapping the reservoir and its associated hydrocarbons reserves.

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