Hydrocarbons are an important component of the energy mix

They are used not only as a source of energy. For example, refined petroleum is used to produce many derived materials that play a key role in the global economy, such as plastics, solvents and lubricants.

Seismic surveys are essential to understand the geology of sedimentary basins and reduce exploration risks. The use of geophysical technologies in the exploration of crude oil and natural gas deposits results in more effective recognition of hydrocarbon resources. Seismic solutions and borehole geophysics are effective research methods that solve problems arising from geological structure, seismic wave velocity contrasts and anisotropy when imaging complex hydrocarbon traps. An example of the most innovative solutions are nodal systems offering the best available seismic resolution and accuracy. In addition, they allow you to carry out measurements in a non-invasive way and in full harmony with the local community and the natural environment.

Whether it is searching for new hydrocarbon traps or increasing production from existing fields, both seismic surveys and wellbore measurements provide a comprehensive set of geological information necessary to visualize the field and its associated hydrocarbon resources.

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