Well Log Analysis

Well Log <b>Analysis</b>

Identifying Reservoir Potential

For over 40 years Geofizyka Torun (GT) provides a broad suite of well log analysis and interpretation services. Our highly trained and knowledgeable personnel have got long experience as well as all qualifications and certificates necessary for performing both standard and specialized tasks regardless of the project’s size or location.

Our solutions in log analysis and interpretation provide you precise rock characteristics during or after drilling in open or cased holes as well as in production wells with an integrated and efficient approach.

The main field of GT’s activity is to provide services for oil and gas industry related to hydrocarbon exploration both in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Our projects concern also salt domes recognition, coal deposits, geothermal resources and many other, very often customized tasks.

We provide a modern interpretation of well logs in the currently drilled wells. We also have many years of experience in the interpretation of archival well log data. The attention to detail at every step of work including scanning, coding, standardization and reinterpretation, allows to obtain very good results. Further, an important field of our activity is tying well logs to seismic data. The solutions adopted to the interpretation process provide quick and effective service.

Scope of services covers:

  • Formation and Reservoir Evaluation
  • Full Waveform Sonic Processing and Interpretation
  • Cased Hole and Production Logging Interpretation
  • Borehole Imaging Processing and Interpretation
  • Multi well Correlations and Interpretation
  • Processing and Interpretation of Archival Logs
  • Depth–to–Time Transformation and Preparation of well log data for seismic