Below please find INA Grupa’s publication about the largest 3D seismic survey conducted in Croatia, recently completed by our company.

It is worth mentioning that Quantum/Tremornet nodal wireless recording system applied on the whole project, was the first implementation of this technology in Croatia.

Many thanks to our client for entrusting us with this task and sincere congratulations to our seismic team for efficient and safe performance of the contract work!

The INA publication’s translation:
INA has successfully completed the largest 3D seismic survey of subsurface geology ever carried out in Croatia. Seismic activities were performed in the Drava-03 exploration area on two polygons, Crnac zapad and Virovitica jug, with a total area of 600 km2.
INA is already processing seismic data recorded with the help of wireless technology, which was also used for the first time in Croatia. Once the prospective areas are defined, exploration wells will be drilled.
We expect new oil and gas discoveries, which will benefit not only the company, but also regional and local communities and the entire Croatian economy.

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