Geological Drilling & Geotechnical Services

We have been in business since 1978, being the leader of geological and geotechnical services in Poland.

Our company has been providing geological and drilling services since 1978, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art, comprehensive surveys, including subsurface exploration for the needs of industrial and technical infrastructure, on land and at sea. We also provide solutions for the offshore wind energy industry, in particular, in the form of geotechnical and geological seabed surveys, to determine the environmental conditions for offshore wind farms, as well as to plan the routes for submarine power cables, connecting offshore wind farms with the coastal infrastructure.

Our assets are our team of certified geophysicists, geologists and geotechnicians with many years of professional experience, as well as the most advanced equipment available in Poland, including the CRS XL 170 DUO MAX sonic drilling rig, the Seabed SVC 500E and FT551 vibrocorers as well as MANTA 200 SW outboard CPT probe.

We provide our clients with comprehensive services, starting from method statement adapted to project requirements, which comprises specific geological and geotechnical solutions, through completion of the field works, until the as-built geological-engineering documentation for the entire survey.

We are the leader in the field of geological and geotechnical services in Poland. Our geological and geotechnical surveys are applied in the field of infrastructure construction, geotechnical monitoring, exploring and documenting natural resource deposits or prospecting for and identifying groundwater. Our multi-year experience, dynamic technological growth and our experienced survey teams are a guarantee that the best available survey methods will be applied in your projects. We can pride of rich experience in various types of projects, inter alia in power engineering, construction and mining industries along with public utilities sector.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of:

Construction industry

Our services in the field of comprehensive geological and geophysical surveys, which for the most part consist in the exploration of soil and water conditions, are widely applied in many areas. In the construction industry, they are provided for the purposes of such  projects as:

  • construction of  railways, airports, roads, dams, bridges and flyovers above water reservoirs, underground tunnels, underground reservoirs, water intakes, hydro-nodes, monitoring of groundwater, slopes and landslides, absorption wells and drainage wells
  • development of coastal infrastructure
  • environmental site assessment for offshore oil and gas platforms
  • soil exploration for horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • installation of measurement assemblies (inclinometers, pore pressure sensors, extensometer, divers)
  • installation of heat pumps in the low-temperature geothermal energy systems.

Mining industry

In the mining industry, our comprehensive geological and drilling services are mainly used to explore and identify natural resources deposits such as:

  • building stones
  • metal ore
  • energy resources
  • ceramic raw materials
  • chemical raw materials


Renewable energy industry

We also provide comprehensive geological and drilling services, together with geophysical engineering surveys, for the needs of renewable energy  projects on land and offshore wind farms. We carry out geotechnical surveys for offshore wind farms projects, in order to:

  • determine environmental conditions for offshore wind farms
  • determine geotechnical and environmental conditions for offshore wind farms foundations
  • determining geotechnical and environmental conditions for offshore cable routes, connecting offshore wind farms with the coastal infrastructure
  • determine geological condition on onshore and offshore part of a landfall


We are an active member of the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW).

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