Engineering Geophysics

Since 1996, we have been a leader of comprehensive non-invasive soil subsurface exploring with the use of the most modern methods and survey equipment on land, rivers, lakes, swamps and at sea.

We have been offering comprehensive engineering geophysics services since 1996. We carry out a wide spectrum of innovative survey related to the exploration of the subsurface zone of any geological  centre, necessary while designing and executing many tasks, such as geological and engineering, hydrogeological, geotechnical, construction, road and environmental protection ones.

We are the leader of modern comprehensive solutions in the field of non-invasive engineering geophysical surveys which do not disturb the  ground nor the infrastructure. Our best assets are a team of experienced specialists along with most modern equipment resources which allow us to apply a varied spectrum of geophysical methods.

We carry out a full range of surveys, starting with designing, through acquisition, to the interpretation of the results, completed with a full report.

Our strength is a team of geophysicists, geologists and hydrogeologists with many years of professional experience supported by their licences. We make all kinds of geological, geotechnical and design documentation. Regardless of the difficulty of measurements or field conditions, we provide highest level services in the field of engineering geophysics throughout the country. We do measurements in various environments: on land, but also on rivers, lakes, swamps and at sea.

Our solutions include scouting of the geological centre zone for

  • linear projects (roads, railways, gas pipelines, airports, dams),
  • setting out environmental conditions for offshore wind farms (OWF),
  • submarine mapping of power cable routes to connect offshore wind farms (OWF) with land,
  • monitoring of the technical condition of building structures, roads, asphalt surfaces, embankments, flood embankments and dams,
  • setting out ground-water and hydrogeological conditions (searching for drinking water),
  • monitoring of environmental conditions, landfills,  setting out the range of: pollution and contamination zones, of migration of pollutants,
  • underground HDD drilling both on land and in water,
  • detection of underground metal objects,
  • setting out the condition of slopes and landslides,
  • archaeological exploration.
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