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Geological hazards are those processes, events or situations that take place in the geological environment and can cause damage or harm to communities or infrastructure

Simple and homogeneous soil and water conditions guarantee a low cost of construction process. Further, it is crucial to check if there are any chemical or physical conditions as well as mechanical parameters that could damage or harm the proposed construction.

Undertaking geological research allows for precise determination of the parameters of a given soil, and evaluates the soils suitability for any construction project. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess the soil’s impact on construction project, collect the data needed to support planning permissions, test the soil for compaction, strength, density, impurities, organics and sand content.

A comprehensive soil survey is necessary both in infrastructure construction, as well as in railway, road, tunnels and mining industries. Proper evaluation of the soils suitability for any construction project helps making accurate operational plans and knowledgeable decisions.

In the mining sector, geological and drilling services are primarily used to search for and explore deposits of raw materials: rock, metallurgical, energy, ceramic and chemical.

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