Seismic Data Processing & Imaging

Our Seismic Data Processing Centre offers vast and long-lasting experience in conjunction with the latest technologies, supported by GT proprietary R&D in-house solutions. The synergy of these factors is key to obtaining reliable and high-quality seismic imaging of the subsurface structures, making us one of the leading processing centers in the world.

GT is an acclaimed international provider of time & depth seismic data processing and imaging solutions with wide experience from various regions of the globe. We are present in Europe, South-East Asia, Africa, South and Latin America, and the Middle East, trusted us various customers from medium-size companies to the industry majors.

We offer a wide range of processing services, including full azimuth workflows with on-fly data sectorization, diffraction & specular imaging in depth domain, ultra-high resolution seismic, supported by machine learning technology. At GT we process the full scope of seismic data onshore, offshore, seabed,  High Density (HD), Wide Azimuth (WA) and High-Resolution (HR). We implement modern tools and state-of-the-art technology to focus on high-quality products providing the best understanding of the subsurface geology available in the industry.

GT provides a dedicated range of seismic data processing services that allow you to minimize the risk and operational costs in the entire technological process related to hydrocarbon & minerals exploration, mining industry, underground storages, geothermal energy, wind farms and power plants.

What’s more, vast geoscience expertise as well as multidisciplinary approach, enables us to extract the best value of the acquired seismic data, no matter how challenging geological conditions we have to face.

Our seismic imaging capabilities

  • Advanced 2D & 3D & 3C seismic data imaging in time & depth domain
  • High Density (HD), Wide Azimuth (WA), High-Resolution (HR), Diffraction Imaging (DI), Ultra-high resolution seismic (UHRS) processing
  • Pre-stack & Post-stack inversion, AVO, VVAZ, AVAZ analysis and multi-attributes reservoir characterization
  • Borehole Seismic
  • In-field QC & Fast Track processing with PreSTM during seismic
    data acquisition
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