Geofizyka Toruń successfully completed another seismic data acquisition project in Hungary for MOL. The “Vesces 3D” project was completed using a wireless Nodal Tremornet system. The acquisition of seismic data itself began in the first half of September and was carried out for 1.5 months, with an use of 5 vibroses working in a flip-flop mode. During the project’s execution, a 24-hour system was implemented.

The Vecses 3D project covered, above all, the Budapest’s 18th district, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, the city of Vecses and the city of Gyal.

It was a particular challenge to carry out the works on the Budapest airport area, especially in the immediate vicinity of the aircraft runway. Another significant challenge was related to the fact of carrying out the works mainly in density built-up areas, as well as close to a railway line which ran through the entire grid of profiles and generated often noise on the active spread.

Although the project was not the largest that GT executed in Hungary so far, it was highly demanding in terms of logistics and restrictive security procedures. It required especially meticulous planning in much more time advancement than usual, what was necessary to perform the works in different areas within a very narrow time frames.

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