Geofizyka Toruń among the largest Polish companies of innovators, named the company with an outstanding innovation gene!

“My Company Polska” has published a list of 25 best Polish innovators, described as exceptional companies, entrepreneurs and startups who change the face of not only the Polish economy, but also have a positive impact on the world we live in. Geofizyka Toruń took 7th place in this prestigious ranking. We owe such a high position, among others, thanks to our involvement in the Quantum / Tremornet nodal system implemented on an increasing scale on different markets worldwide.

The article says about our company the following:

Geofizyka Toruń, owned by PGNiG, was the first in Europe to implement new technologies of seismic data acquisition in search of hydrocarbon deposits. Instead of the previously used cable geophone networks, it uses ultra-light wireless nodal sensors. The small size and weight of the sensors allow to conduct research in harmony with the natural and social environment. The old system of geophones spread over an area of ​​up to several hundred square kilometers requires connection with cables, the use of transmission devices and heavy batteries.

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