Logging & Perforating

<b>Logging</b> & Perforating

Identifying Reservoir Potential

Depending on various factors such as geological conditions, reservoir type or exploration stage, various logging measurements are required. Geofizyka Toruń (GT) provides a wide range of downhole services performed at all phases of a well’s history, be it drilling, completion, production or abandonment. Thanks to experienced field engineers and advanced technological solutions, GT delivers detailed geological information crucial for mapping the reservoir and its associated hydrocarbons. Our team of exploration specialists also provides comprehensive analysis, extracting the most out of the acquired borehole data, in order to identify reservoir true potential.

Scope of logging & perforating services:


Data recording systems:

  • LOGIQ System
  • EXCELL 2000 Digital Logging System
  • INTEGRA Logging System
  • WARRIOR Logging System
  • GEORES Imagine VSP