Logging & Perforating

<b>Logging</b> & Perforating

Identifying Reservoir Potential

Depending on various factors such as geological conditions, reservoir type or exploration stage, various logging measurements are required. Geofizyka Toruń (GT) provides a wide range of downhole services performed at all phases of a well’s history, be it drilling, completion, production or abandonment. Thanks to experienced field engineers and advanced technological solutions, GT delivers detailed geological information crucial for mapping the reservoir and its associated hydrocarbons. Our team of exploration specialists also provides comprehensive analysis, extracting the most out of the acquired borehole data, in order to identify reservoir true potential.

Scope of logging & perforating services:

GT’s open hole logging services use very sensitive wireline instruments to gather accurate geophysical data of the subsurface formations. Measurements, carried out through the drilled borehole, such as resistivity, nuclear, sonic, geometry, imaging and formation sampling, deliver valuable information used to identify hydrocarbon reservoirs and assess its potential productivity. The open hole logging services are executed with the latest Halliburton and Tucker equipment capable of resisting 20,000 PSI and maximum temperature of 177°C.



LOGIQ Logging System

EXCELL 2000 Digital Logging System

INTEGRA Logging System




Extended Range Micro-Imager Tool

Dual Induction Log Tool

Phased Induction Tool

Dual Laterolog Tool

High Resolution Array Induction Tool

Micro Spherically Focused Log Tool



Gamma Telemetry Tool

Natural Gamma Ray Tool

Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray Tool

Spectral Gamma Ray Tool

Spectral Density Tool

Compensated Density Tool

Dual Spaced Neutron II Tool

Compensated Neutron Tool

Lithology Density Tool



Borehole Compensated Sonic Tool

Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool

Full Wave Sonic Tool

WaveSonic – Cross Dipole Acoustic Tool



Selective Formation Tester 12k psi Tool

Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool



Insite Directional Tool

Six Arm Dipmeter Tool

Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool

Well-Bore Orientation Tool



XY Caliper Tool

Downhole Tension Device Assy, 3 5/8 Tool

Downhole Modem Tool

Borehole Property Tools

Casing Collar Locator DCCL-B, DTS CCL, 3 5/8 Tool

Six Arm Caliper Tool

DITS 4 Telemetry Gamma Tool

Insite Caliper Tool

Insite Flex Joint

Heavy Duty Swivel Adapter


Measuring the integrity of the cement bond between the rock formation and the casing is an essential part of maintaining wellbore production. GT provides a comprehensive package of cased-hole wireline logging services to evaluate the formation and completion of the well, as well as determine the state of the cement by locating internal and external defects caused by corrosion, scale and failure.

GT’s cased-hole logging services include nuclear, cement and corrosion evaluation.

The casedhole logging services are executed with the use of Halliburton, Sondex and Tucker equipment capable of resisting 20,000 PSI and maximum temperature of 177°C.


EXCELL 2000 Digital Logging System

Warrior Logging System




Natural Gamma Ray Tool

Gamma Ray Neutron Tool

Thermal Neutron Tool



Radial Bond Tool

Cement Bond Log Tool

Multifinger Imaging Tool

Casing Collar Locator Tool

Pulse Echo Tool



Freepoint Indicator Tool

Multi ArmCaliper Tool

Inside Casing Gyroscope Tool

Production logging services provide essential information about reservoir conditions enabling effective management of oil and gas assets. GT engineers identify and monitor downhole flow rate and fluid composition, temperatures and pressures to define and improve the performance of producing wells. Production logging helps to understand dynamic well behavior, provide in-depth solutions and significantly reduce exploration and production costs. The production logging services are executed with the use of equipment capable of resisting 20,000 PSI and maximum temperature of 177°C.



Casing Collar Locator

Radioactive Fluid Density

Enhanced Capacitance Water Hold-Up Tool

Caged Fullbore Flowmeter 6 Arm

Continous Flowmeter Spinner

In-line Flowmeter Tool

Jewelled Bearing Continous Flowmeter

Quartz Pressure Single

Production Gamma Ray

Ultralink Downhole Modem

Platinium Resistance Thermometer

Production Dual Caliper X-Y

Head Tension Unit

The Simphor – drill pipe assisted well logging system, is capable of performing most logging and wireline completion operations and it can be used to:

  • Move logging, completion or production tools attached to the end of the drill string in difficult, highly inclined or horizontal parts of a well
  • Control or transmit information between the downhole tools and the surface via a wet connector/electric transmission cable
  • Circulate drilling fluid in the well during running in, running out or recording
  • Because of its principle, Flow Control Simphor can perform all logging and completion operations, which are regularly done with wireline in vertical or moderated slanted wells and eliminate the risks of “kicks” through drill pipes during the logging operation procedure from “pipe in” to “pipe out”



  • to control the “Kicks” in high pressure wells
  • in difficult wells
  • in highly deviated wells
  • in horizontal wells
  • in hot formations
  • in cased or open hole wells

GT offers Wireline and Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) systems. TCP can be mechanical as well as hydraulic activated. GT solutions consider the relationship between gun system, wellbore, and reservoir to help clients achieve the most production from wells.


EXPENDABLE HOLLOW RETRIEVABLE PERFORATING SYSTEM: Expendable Hollow Retrievable Perforating Systems are designed to be run on Wireline, Tubing and Coiled Tubing operations with a high quality standard. All explosive parts are optimized for the best perforation performance. For highest flexibility, deep penetrating and big hole charges are available.




Retrievable Strip Gun with its encapsulated TTG charges is an ultra high performance semi expendable gun system for through tubing application. The gun provides a more powerful explosive load than equivalent diameter retrievable hollow carrier systems (scallop gun). The carrier strip is recovered after firing with the charge front caps in place, leaving only a small amount of steel chips from the charge cases in the well as debris.


Link Gun with its encapsulated TTG charges permits the advantage of a steel charge combined with a die cast link for debris economy performance. This fully expendable gun finds application in through tubing operations where deep penetration phased perforations and moderate costs are primary considerations. As with all expandable guns, charge debris must be planned for considering the use of this gun.

GT offers quick and effective solutions to the stuck-pipe problems, reducing lost time and drilling cost to the minimum. Depending on well parameters and conditions the right selection of equipment and methods can be made to efficiently execute pipe recovery operations. GT provides a complete range of devices including: back-off tools, tubing and casing jet cutters and severing tools for all sizes of tubing, casing, drill pipe and drill collars.


The list of tools operated by GT includes:

  • Tubing jet cutters
  • Segmented casing jet cutters
  • SplitShot cutters
  • Severing tools
  • String shot back-off

GT offers full range of professional mud logging services focused on the rig-site monitoring and assessment of information that comes to the surface in the mud returns during the drilling process.

Specialized equipment with various sensors provide decision-ready information about well status and dangerous gas levels so appropriate steps can be taken to avoid a dangerous well blowout condition


In the field of Mud Logging GT provides a comprehensive suite

of services, in particular:

  • Gas Ratio Analysis
  • Pressure Analysis (overburden, overpressure)
  • Calcimetry / Dolomimetry Analysis
  • Shale Density Analysis
  • Cuttings, Core Handling & Analysis
  • Hydrocarbon Show analysis
  • Cuttings & Core Collection
  • Geological / Core Assistance, Catching & Packaging


These services are supported by auxiliary engineering

calculations including:

  • Hydraulic Optimization (offline parameters)
  • Pump Output
  • Kick Detection / Kill Well control
  • Stuck Pipe Analysis
  • Max ROP
  • Leak-Off-Test
  • Pressure test
  • Deviation Survey



GT’s Mud Logging unit is a world advanced new explosion-proof unit (Ex control box, Ex axial flow fan, safe hatch, emergency exit, flammable gas detecting unit, H2S detecting unit, fog detecting unit and pressurized detecting unit), which is applicable to onshore, offshore and desert drilling operation areas. The system integrates powerful computer network technique, 30s fast FID chromatographic technique, explosion-proof CAN Bus data transmission technique, highly accurate and reliable sensor technique, analysis and evaluation technique of rock samples and is the center of quick and comprehensive interpretation and evaluation of oil and gas on well-site. The system can discover and evaluate oil and gas reservoirs quickly, monitor drilling engineering parameters and toxic gases such as H2S and CO2, thus ensuring drilling safety, enhancing drilling efficiency and reducing operation cost.


Data recording systems:

  • LOGIQ System
  • EXCELL 2000 Digital Logging System
  • INTEGRA Logging System
  • WARRIOR Logging System
  • GEORES Imagine VSP