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GT Brochures
  • 26 June 2014
  • Press Release

GT Brochures

Brand new GT technical brochures covering the following seismic data processing solutions are now available to download:

1. 5D Trace Interpolation – this technique brings regularity to spatial distribution (called also spatial sampling) of seismic traces. Along time axis, sampling of wave field recorded in the terrain is regular: 2 ms usually. Regular sampling along (x,y) coordinates of the acquisition spread (in field practice hardly achieved) is equally necessary for efficient work of processing software. And the 5D Trace Interpolation makes it available.

2. ECP-2014 (Enhanced Coherency Processing – edition 2014) – simple, but necessary and unusually efficient, complementary software extension to commercial solution, strengthened GT position as member of leading group offering the best seismic processing solutions in the land seismic.

3. IWS (Interactive Wavelet Shaping) & GFC (Ground Force Correction) – the latest GT solutions correcting the vertical resolution of the seismic data. And that is what clients expect today.

4. HVC (High Velocity Corrections), IRSC (Interactive Residual Static Corrections), MLVL (Modeling LVL) – brochure explaining advanced methods of static corrections. They are among solutions being keys to success in onshore seismic prospection. Common techniques of estimating statics were developed in GT to meet any challenges in areas of complicated geology.

Brochures represent results the latest advances of GT technology. Target readers are clients who select from technologies available from GT, interpreters who should know how the data being interpreted had been created, and everybody interested in the subject.