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GT continues cooperation with PGNiG SA
  • 20 January 2015
  • Projects

GT continues cooperation with PGNiG SA

In 2014 GT has completed several processing and interpretation seismic projects on behalf of PGNiG SA. The 3D projects: Opalino, Łapanów, Wysin, Koszyce altogehter covered 365km2 while the 2D: Jawor-Krotoszyn, Mełgiew Ciecierzyn, Płock-Sierpc-Płońsk, Kamionna Łososina 949km.

The scope of interpretation works regarding 3D seismic data (projects: Łapanów, Gorzysław, Opalino, Sulęcin) amounted 781 km2 and 2D (Jawor-Krotoszyn) 32km.

The successful cooperation is being continued. At present, GT geologists and geophysicists are involved in further projects for the Polish oil & gas major.