Seismic Data Acquisition

Seismic Data <b>Acquisition</b>

Next Generation Seismic based nodal innovative technology

GT provides land and transition zone data acquisition services worldwide and has proven track-record in a wide range of environments. Client focused in-house interdisciplinary teams deliver their expertise in various fields, from exploration of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon deposits to unveiling geothermal reservoirs and underground gas storages. The company delivers cost-effective and tailored solutions that answer current exploration challenges and secure safety in all aspects of data acquisition activities. What’s more, GT using nodal or cabled systems can attain the rigid industry goals where the best survey’s resolution and accuracy go with timely manner and limited footprint on local communities as well as the natural environment.

Scope of services:

  • All Terrain Onshore Seismic Surveys 
  • Transition Zone (TZ) Seismic Operations
  • Multi-line 2D Seismic Surveys 
  • Large-scale 3D Seismic Campaigns 
  • High-Resolution Seismic Studies 

Range of field operations:

  • Survey Design & Pre-Planning
  • Pre-Permitting & Permitting
  • GIS & Surveying
  • Data Acquisition (nodal or cabled systems)
  • Quality Assurance
  • In-field Processing


Advantages of GT’s nodal solutions (NEXT GENERATION SEISMIC) :

  • Reduced permitting hazards
  • Challenging terrain access
  • Reduced safety liabilities
  • Minimal footprint
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater trace density
  • Fast roll time

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Areas of operation:



  • Sercel Nomad 65
  • IVI HEMI 60
  • IVI HEMI 50

Other Equipment:

  • Mechanical drilling units mounted on 6x6 trucks, tractors & pick-ups
  • Manual drilling tools
  • Weight drop
  • Air-guns

Recording Systems:

  • INOVA QUANTUM / Tremornet (wireless nodal system)
  • Sercel 428 XL
  • Sercel 408 UL
  • Sercel UNITE (wireless)