Environmentally Protected Areas

<b>Environmentally Protected</b> Areas

Preserving the natural environment

GT’s mission has always been to provide professional and innovative geophysical services in a manner that guarantees respect for the natural environment. While shooting seismic around the globe, the company’s seismic crews have came across some of the earth’s true wonders. No matter whether it comes to a national symbol or a small area cherished by local citizens, GT ensures that the impact of seismic operations is kept to a minimum through implementation of a series of measures, including:

  • survey schedule adapted to environmental restrictions such as bird breeding seasons
  • encouraged engagement of environmental authorities in both survey planning and execution
  • personnel urged to take extra cautions when approaching biotopes and other sensitive areas
  • application of alternative energy sources in case of restricted access for heavy equipment
  • employment of inertial surveying technology for forest areas with insufficient GPS coverage