Urban & Agricultural Areas

<b>Urban & Agricultural</b> Areas

Respecting local communities

GT has adequate resources and extensive experience to successfully acquire seismic data in urban, industrial and agricultural areas. They are particularly challenging endeavors as seismic crews have to face concerned residents, local access restrictions and ongoing farming activities. The company employs the latest state-of-the art technology and proven practices that result in excellent imaging low impact surveys and preserve clients “good neighbor” status.  With the use of INOVA QUANTUM / Tremornet nodal ultra-light wireless systems, GT is able to push the boundaries of seismic method, where urban, agricultural or environment related challenges have to be faced. With this approach, ultra-light equipment on-site results in lower HSE exposure and local footprint, without compromising on sensing performance.

GT’s specific approach in this field includes:

  • information campaigns prior to and during field operations to secure support of local communities
  • application of various types of vibroseis including minivibs and ultra-light wireless nodal data acquisition systems to minimize survey footprint
  • onsite PPV monitoring to assure safe data acquisition in residential areas and nearby ancient sites
  • vehicle monitoring system to minimize transportation hazards
  • strict HSE approach to ensure that no harm is done to either people, third party assets or the natural environment